In the fifties, art was not considered as a professional choice but as leisure. However, at that time, I had the feeling I did love art.


After my Certificate of Primary Education, I wondered “what on earth should I turn to”? Without support in my vocational guidance, I had to learn a trade and - why not - a manual trade: it was foundryman, cast iron specialty. On second thoughts, I recognize I actually should have chosen bronze!


After my Certificate of Professional Capacity, I did one more year to specialize in moulding, then left my vocational college -  destination: the foundry.


Later came the military service and, at the end of it, I was legally an adult. There was no returning to the hellish foundry anymore!


What then was the alternative? It was computer engineering! So, I actually worked in that area for 38 years… Then finally came the age of retirement. Free at last!


My goal? - Find an activity that would fascinate me and make me want to express myself by and for myself. Art was the ideal objective, but which art? I remembered that my younger daughter had successfully tried her hand in sculpture. So why not do it myself?


I therefore looked for an art school near my home, Versailles, and discovered “Terre et Feu” (Earth and Fire). There I enrolled in a trial course and understood that I should insist.

After  3 years of copying, I felt I had to take a step further: the desire to create was there!


I always had a passion for realistic, modern works which thrive in space and seem to enjoy their environment.



To look at a work does not consist in knowing whether it is finished but knowing how your brains interpret it. My mind goes beyond what it sees. It needs to imagine, to interpret what it does not see, but always with realism.


The theme I now want to get deeper into: jeans and the hands. Jeans are a universal garment, timeless, never outfashioned. Hands are fascinating, expressive and so personal.


In 2016, I met Mrs. Norma Bessières, a painter, during an exhibition at the Cèdre Rouge (Red Cedar) in Feucherolles. She encouraged me to carry on, but also to go beyond the terra cotta stage and to realize my works in bronze. Yes, you see, I get back to the foundry 50 years later!


Here, I wish to express my gratitude to all those who have been keeping encouraging me, and thank more particularly, my wife, my daughters, my friends, Frédéric Drazeck and “Terre et Feu”.


frim_fram_sauce - Diana Krall
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