In the 50s-60s, art was not referenced as a profession but as a leisure activity. Yet, I had the feeling that I loved art.

After completing my CEP (school leaving certificate) it was time to decide what to do with my life ? I received no guidance in my career choice, I had to learn a trade. Why not a manual trade as a founder, specialising in cast iron, steel ? I should have chosen bronze !

 I passed my CAP (vocational training certificate) and studied for a further year so as to specialise in casting. After leaving school, I headed to the foundry. Later, after a year of military service there was no question for me of returning to the hell of the foundry.

What was the alternative ?

Computing was taking off!! I spent 38 years working in this sector before retiring.

Free at last to use my time as I wished! I wanted to find an activity I enjoyed, that made me want to express myself. Art was the perfect solution, but which art ?

I looked for an art school near where I lived. I signed up for a course in sculpture and I realised that I was going to have to insist.

After 3 years of essays and studies, it was time to take the bull by the horns, it was time to create !

The idea came to me to showcase women in a completely relaxed and unrestrained context, dressed in jeans, a universal and timeless item of clothing, revealing her sensuality through everyday gestures, but also creating a visual image always with a touch of realism.

In 2016, I met Mrs Norma Bessières (Painter) at an exhibition. She encouraged me to continue and to produce my works in bronze.

That’s right !! I returned to the foundry 50 years later.